• Service: Advisory, Risk Consulting, Financial Risk Management, Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Type: Publication series
  • Date: 4/1/2011

April 2011 On the Move - Federal Oversight of Insurance Holding Companies 

As significant uncertainty remains regarding the shape of the insurance regulatory landscape, KPMG has launched Insurance Regulation: On the Move – a publication that recognizes that regulation is at the top of the agenda.
This particular issue focuses on the federal oversight of insurance holding companies. Insurance companies that own a thrift will be significantly impacted by the provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act. In addition, insurance companies that are ultimately designated as systemically important nonbank financial companies and are not already BHCs or SLHCs will come under consolidated supervision by the Fed and be subject to the enhanced supervisory requirements as set out by the Dodd-Frank Act.