State and Local Taxes 

While many leading economists believe the overall U.S. economy is beginning to improve, individual state finances may lag behind for some time. As a result, states continue to seek new revenue streams, and are more aggressive than ever before in enforcing compliance and assessing penalties for non-compliance.

What's more, state tax laws are not consistent across states and legislation is in a constant state of change. How can your business stay up to speed with these complexities and risk issues?
One answer is careful, proactive tax planning with the assistance of knowledgeable and seasoned state and local tax professionals – such as KPMG LLP's State and Local Tax (SALT) professionals at KPMG.

Our SALT team is comprised of more than 400 professionals – 100+ of who are members of our State Tax Resource Network (STRN) We often refer to the STRN as our greatest asset, as they are the subject matter resource for their specific state and it is their job to keep our clients informed of administrative, judicial and legislative happenings that might affect their business.

In addition, our depth of experience and breadth of resources extend beyond U.S. borders as we work with KPMG International’s member firms to assist global corporations that are expanding, or considering expansion, into the U.S. market.

As a result, we’re able to work across functions and across state lines to provide our clients with the tax guidance they need in such areas as income and franchise tax, indirect tax, and credits and incentives.

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