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Festive season 

January 2015

Forensic partner Alex Plavsic compares the past and the present as a warning to all because it allows a better understanding of the underlying risk and can help fraud-proof processes and systems.


Festive season 

December 2014

Fraud risks are ever present but the time of Christmas brings with it additional fraud risks for unwitting companies.


Cyber incident response 

October 2014

We believe cyber security should be about what you can do – not what you can’t.


Response to the Government-commissioned report  

September 2014

Annette Barker, Forensic Director at KPMG, warns that unless organisations tackle weak links in their supply chain, they risk exposure to fraud and a repeat of the crisis.


Consumer Credit 

June 2014

Read a summary of key findings from the Report on the effectiveness of existing arrangements for workplace whistleblowing in the UK.


Consumer Credit 

April 2014

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) assumed responsibility for regulating consumer credit on 1 April 2014.


Account takeover fraud 

March 2014

Russian and UK organised crime gangs are using Trojan software and cloned SIM cards to withdraw funds from thousands of bank accounts. That’s according to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).


Countering virtual currency money laundering 

January 2014

Virtual currencies have been around for many years, but recent industry evolutions through the rise of Bitcoin and other forums have created a growing regulation gap.


Cross-border Investigations 

January 2014

Conducting cross-border investigations is complex. Add legal and cultural differences and you have a huge challenge facing global corporations today.


Financial Conduct Authority 

December 2013

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a report on money laundering, bribery and corruption risks in the asset management sector.


Focus: Conflict Minerals – Time To Act 

October 2013

Regulatory supply chain requirements look set to increase, which makes the importance of having a flexible and institutionalised process all the more critical. Any company supplying an SEC registrant is already affected, irrespective of where they are and the signs show conflict mineral reporting will extend beyond the US in future.


Shady business partners pose serious risk 

October 2013

A report into corporate intelligence background searches has revealed troublemaking directors are targeting business in the financial, nergy and technology sectors.


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September 2014 - Food crime unit and robust, international, due diligence needed



RBS fined £14.5m over mortgage advice


State-backed Royal Bank of Scotland has been fined £14.5m after the City regulator found "serious failings" in its advice to mortgage customers. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said only two of the 164 sales it reviewed between June 2011 and March 2013 were considered to meet the standard required overall in a sales process.



India Blocks New Finmeccanica Defence Contracts in Ongoing Bribery Probe


Indian public officials have imposed a partial ban on Italian defence industry giant Finmeccanica, supplier of a large number of weapon systems, radars and ammunition to the country’s armed forces. The government is awaiting a verdict on the VVIP helicopter case involving Finmeccanica’s UK subsidiary AgustaWestland, which saw its 556-million-euro contract for the helicopters scrapped because of bribery allegations.


California Senate seeks to double financial penalty in bribery cases 


With two of its members accused of accepting payments for favors, the California Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that would double the restitution fines for legislators and city council members convicted of accepting a bribe in exchange for influence on official action.



ShelterBox founder Tom Henderson charged with fraud


Tom Henderson, 63, from Helston in Cornwall, has been charged with three counts of fraud by abuse of position.
He has also been charged with the attempted theft of property.