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Fraud and Financial Misconduct Investigations 

Are you worried that your organisation has been a victim of fraud, corruption, misconduct or other financial crime?


Do you need to find out what has happened, recover lost assets, take action against the perpetrators and mitigate subsequent reputational damage or commercial loss?


Having undertaken some of the world's largest and most sensitive financial investigations, we know how to help clients discreetly establish the facts and deal appropriately with potentially damaging and sensitive situations.

What's on your Mind?

  • Finding out how the incident was allowed to occur and subsequently fixing any system or control weaknesses.
  • Tracing and recovering lost funds or assets
  • Identifying, securing, handling and analysing important evidential material or corporate data
  • Building the case for, or responding to, ensuing legal or regulatory action 

    Mitigating the potential reputational and commercial damage that can follow such an incident

Bringing you Peace of Mind

  • We help you to respond immediately and decisively, by:
  • Mobilising an investigation team rapidly who can be in situ within a very short space of time,
  • Establishing the facts - who did what, when and how?
  • Using technology expertise and tools both to locate and manage important evidence, and also to analyse corporate data for indicators of anomalies and wrong-doings.
  • Interviewing suspects and witnesses so that you don't have to.
  • Tracing, freezing and recovering funds/assets to return into the business and to shareholders.
  • Taking remedial action to reduce the chance of the incident recurring, and to provide reassurance to regulators, law enforcement, the market, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Helping to build a case against those responsible so that relevant action can be taken.

    What's in it for you?

    • Discretion
    • Recover all or part of the stolen funds, which can be channelled back into your business.
    • Avoid/reduce reputational damage with your investors, customers and creditors thus lessening the knock- on commercial impact that a damaging fraud could otherwise have.
    • Strengthen your anti-fraud controls to prevent and detect future losses.

      Why KPMG?

      • We have a proven track record of securing large recoveries for our clients including numerous cases involving upwards of $100million.
      • The depth and breadth of our investigation, intelligence and technology skills mix is unrivalled and we have a market leading experience of undertaking some of the world's largest financial and accounting investigations
      • Our UK team is supported by a global network of 2000 forensic and technology professionals working to consistent methodologies who can respond across the world.


      Case Study

      • Project Johara - The client was defrauded of over US$1bn of money invested in the Spanish economy during 1980s, through collusion of senior management in the UK and Spain. The client needed to identify who the fraudsters were, how much they had stolen and how they had done so, trace and recover the assets stolen, and take action against those responsible 
      • We interviewed relevant individuals, undertook robust investigative accounting and used pioneering technology tools
      • Our investigation led to the client and its legal advisers freezing stolen monies and launching civil and criminal actions around the world
      • Outcome - Our client achieved largest award in a civil trial to date (approx US$500m). Over US$300m recovered for client to date
      • Reputational impact on the client was minimised through speed and success of the response.
      • Multiple criminal convictions across the world


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