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Can your public sector organisation be confident that it can identify and mitigate fraud risks as well as meeting cost reduction, productivity and efficiency targets?

We work with organisations to:


  • Provide investigative support in relation to internal audit and human resource functions to identify and ultimately minimise losses resulting from error and fraudulent activity.
  • Maximise effectiveness of organisations software licensing arrangements.
  • Provide economic assessments on changes of policy, regulatory and legal decisions.
  • Understand large volumes of business data to identify trends, fraudulent activity and secure performance improvement


What's on your Mind?


  • Cost / Efficiency Pressures: Is there pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency in current economic climate?
  • Fraud Controls: Is there a lack of understanding of key fraud risks and exposure, and/or not matched to systems and controls?
  • Governance Arrangements: Does the organisation have a need for clear governance arrangements for anti-fraud and anti-financial crime, effectively communicated throughout the business?
  • Economic Issues: Do decision makers need to understand the economic impact of policy, regulatory & legal changes?
  • Software Licensing: Does the organisation require clarity over software licensing needs and commitments, to identify and remediate any breaches of agreement terms?


Bringing you Peace of Mind


  • We can provide a wide range of services to manage fraud risk and investigate suspected cases of fraud or misconduct. Our UK team includes investigators with significant experience of identifying misconduct, theft, false accounting and other criminal offences within the Public Sector. Our team also includes NHS-accredited Counter Fraud Specialists authorised to conduct investigations and provide fraud prevention advice for NHS clients.
  • We can utilise Data Analytics techniques to analyse, manipulate and make sense of large volumes of business data to identify trends, secure performance improvement and combat fraud.
  • We can also enable our clients to maintain control of their software licensing arrangements, to ensure audit compliance with software provider terms and assist in the identification and determination of the scale of any potential breaches.
  • Our Economics and Regulation team works with bodies involved in commercial disputes and public sector policy makers, such as central government agencies, to provide economic assessments on the potential impact of policy and regulatory decisions.
  • Our services can add depth of business and technical experience to aid Internal Audit in achieving their remit.


What's in it for you?


KPMG can help improve public service outcomes by utilising proactive and reactive forensic services. Using these services, we can help:


  • Identify fraud and the losses attributable to fraud
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce costs and minimise losses


Our work is conducted using forensic procedures, ensuring that all work is repeatable and thoroughly documented.




We have a dedicated Public Sector team focussing on the business issues most relevant to such organisations.


We have proven experience in delivering quality services to the Public Sector, covering a broad range of Forensic services.


Case Study


NHS Trust


  • We were asked to provide strategic advice to an investigation begun by the internal auditors. An employee had an undeclared interest in a company supplying medical equipment to the Trust, and there were concerns about possible collusion with other staff.
  • We carried out research into the company, reviewed relevant documentation, and led a series of formal interviews.
  • We then summarised the evidence for use in the disciplinary process, which resulted in the dismissal of the employee and disciplinary action against others.


Housing Association


  • We investigated a procurement fraud, which involved an individual passing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of fraudulent invoices for payment.
  • Our team established that the ensuing payments had been made to one of the individual's close associates.
  • Working closely with the local police within the requirements laid down by the client, we prepared detailed reports of both our investigations and recommended enhancements to assist our client in improving the effectiveness of its systems and controls.

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Contact Us

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