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Stressed and Distressed Cash Management 

Cash management is critical for stressed and distressed companies that have limited choices and need to preserve cash to buy time to restructure and/or refinance.

What's on your mind?

May include:


  • In breach or about to breach its banking facilities and/or covenants.
  • Under pressure from creditors due to withdrawal of credit lines and/or trade insurance.
  • Overdue Crown debts.
  • Being forced to micro-manage cash/defer payments and making unexpected requests for additional funding from lenders.
  • Account moved to lenders high risk lending teams who are requesting more detailed cash forecasts and related information.


Bringing you peace of mind


We work with management to understand a business's need for cash and focus on the preservation and generation of cash in order to satisfy this requirement. This includes:


  • Conducting an initial review of cash position/requirements.
  • Reviewing and improving cash controls to reflect current position.
  • Developing and implementing a robust forecasting process.
  • Monitoring results and feeding back forecasting and control improvements.
  • Identifying and implementing short term and medium term cash generation and preservation initiatives.
  • Developing appropriate internal and external cash reporting.


What's in it for you?

  • Need for new monies is minimised and facility and covenant breaches are potentially avoided.
  • Visibility over funding requirements is improved significantly and robust forecasting processes are implemented.
  • Quick wins delivered which will generate and preserve cash in short term and medium term.
  • Tightened cash controls and improved reporting.
  • Extra time bought to develop and effect a restructuring plan.
  • Cash culture is embedded with skills and processes transferred.



  • Experienced and dedicated teams with a clear understanding of who the stakeholders are and what their expectations are.
  • Established methodologies based upon a lengthy track record.
  • Global network of member firms.


Case study


Project Hellidon - Home Improvement Sector
Turnover - £328 million


As a result of continuing difficult market conditions caused by five interest rate rises and a drop in consumer confidence, this UK based home improvements manufacturer and direct selling organisation experienced a significant deterioration in financial performance. Following their quarterly trading update, the Group realised that they would breach a lender's covenant test.

We worked closely with the management team to:


  • Identify and implement improvements in the Group's short term cash flow forecasting process to enable greater accuracy of forecasting and visibility of cash requirements.
  • Implement cash controls and establish a cross-functional cash committee to instil a cash culture and focus throughout the organisation.
  • Identify and prioritise cash generation initiatives. Implementation of the agreed cash generation initiatives provided the Group with additional headroom and breathing space in order to work up a more radical turnaround plan. The strengthened cash position and cash controls enabled the Group to self-finance its restructuring without any delay. As a result, the Group was able to undertake refinancing negotiations with its lender group concurrently with the rapid implementation of its turnaround plan.