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Energy matters to all of us. We expect to turn on the light at the flick of a switch and for water to come out of our taps. We expect energy to be affordable and are ever more aware that – unless we reduce our carbon footprint – the world’s quality of life will suffer.

The largest energy companies are some of the UK’s most significant tax payers and their dividends fund many pensions. Yet it is increasingly difficult for upstream oil and gas and mining companies to find projects with returns which justify the risks. Most companies have been clear that financial and capital discipline is at the heart of their strategy.

The industry provides hundreds of thousands of jobs in the UK alone, but there is a critical shortage of some necessary skills for jobs. Energy is constantly in the news whether we are talking about customer service, the Scottish independence debate, how geopolitics affects oil demand, supply and price plus the merits of shale gas. Regulation is changing across all elements of the industry and this has implications for businesses and operating models. Technology is also changing and has the potential to disrupt current market dynamics.

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Our dedicated energy team advises clients across the oil and gas and mining value chains. We advise electricity generators, electricity and gas distribution and transmission companies plus the water and chemical industry. We provide audit, tax and advisory services to help our clients grow revenue (both organically and through acquisition), have efficient and effective operations, maximise return on human capital, manage and protect against risk and access capital and liquidity.


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