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Magnet Cities
Cities are like magnets. Just as magnets can either attract or repel, so can cities
Technology Risk Radar
Looking at the top 5 technology risks within the Public Sector

Government & Public Sector  

At KPMG we help public sector organisations respond to the government's unprecendented challenge - how to reduce the public deficit while simultaneously improving public services.


As the boundaries between public, private and voluntary sectors become more fluid, new solutions - and new risks - are emerging. We help turn challenges into opportunities.

What we do

We work with clients across the public sector, including defence, education, healthcarelocal government, social housing and international development.

Building the homes we need

More than half of all 20-34 year olds could be living with their parents by 2040. Average house prices in England could quadruple in just 20 years to £900,000. How can England’s housing crisis be solved? 


Building the homes we need


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