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Japan is the UK's largest export market after Europe and the US, and Britain is Japan's ninth largest market. Total export of goods in 2008 stood at £3.68b. (Source: UK Trade & Investment).

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KPMG's Global Japanese Practice supports Japanese companies with global operations, as well as non-Japanese companies needing strategy assistance in Japan. For over three decades, we have seen firsthand how our services can help Japanese companies not only adapt to the UK business culture but also succeed in the UK and global economies.


Today, KPMG firms have one of the largest Japanese Practice networks in Europe with more than 70 Japanese speaking professional staff in major cities in Europe, coupled with around 70,000 local professional staff many of whom have particular experience with Japanese companies.



Hiroaki Sugiura


Head of EMA Global Japanese Practice

KPMG in the UK

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Many Japanese manufacturing companies have established multiple operating companies in Europe. Historically this was regarded as the right approach, but changes in tax regulations, markets, products and customers now mean that these structures are increasingly inefficient, incurring higher costs and not able to rapidly respond to local market and customer needs.


The changes to pensions tax relief from 2011 announced in the budget add yet more complexity to the pensions world and will surely have unintended consequences in terms of how employers may react. Employers will face a raft of questions from their high-earning employees and they will need to get their heads around the new rules very quickly.