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  • Date: 17/03/2014

KPMG SLANT - Future of Work 

Central to the future of business is the human question. How will organisations assess, attract and reward talent? How will they manage a diversified and dispersed workforce? And what about the workers themselves? Will freedom from ‘face time’ bring liberation or make them more expendable? Some of these trends may already be underway. All of them deserve careful consideration.
Future of Work
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Since launching this package, we’ve added four additional article presenting further intriguing possibilities. ‘The silver lining’ looks at the growing importance of the older worker. ‘Towards virtual employee networks’ examines the potential benefits of home working. ‘Rise of the portfolio worker’ predicts a new type of employee who would combine the loyalty of a full-timer with the flexibility of a freelance. And for a completely different perspective, we asked a recent work experience student to tell us what he thought to all of the above.

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