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Whatever your challenge, no matter how big or small, KPMG offers the most comprehensive risk solutions for business today. 

Our Risk Consulting team proactively helps clients increase profits whilst reducing reputational, operational, financial, technology and other risks.


We are experienced in managing diverse issues including; fraud, regulatory compliance, data breaches, cyber attack, technology risk managment, risk frameworks and modelling, capital efficiency, corporate governance, dispute resolution, deriving value from contracts and many more.


In the UK alone our practice has over 1,200 risk specialists who are supported by our wider global network to ensure multinational capability.  Our experts include accountants, technologists, economists, actuaries, lawyers, mathematicians, ex-regulators, law enforcement personnel, forensic investigators, internal auditors and pure risk specialists making sure you are best placed to make the right decisions at the right time.

KPMG Slant - The digital crossroads

KPMG Slant - The Digital Crossroads


Technology is the broadest of churches. Virtual, online, cyber; these terms impact on us all as citizens of the internet era. But technology is as much about the industry sector, the components it produces and how they help enhance or protect our online existence as it is about the cyber experience itself. The risks those businesses face - and the funding they require to thrive – should be as important to us as our own online privacy or cyber identity.


Recent insights

Evolving Banking Regulation 2014 (link to KPMG Global)


Banking regulation has advanced noticeably since the 2008 financial crisis. However, many regulatory details remain unresolved and the banks’ success in adapting to these regulatory changes varies greatly by institution and jurisdiction


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A CriticalEye and KPMG article on how business leaders are using information.


This article first appeared on the website of CriticalEye, the network of leaders in January 2014.


Virtually Unregulated (PDF 5.0 MB)
The virtual currency industry has been under increased scrutiny to implement robust Anti Money Laundering (AML) controls. We consider the extent of money laundering risks posed by the industry in the context of its long-term sustainability.


Cross-border investigations: Are you prepared for the challenge? (PDF 9.44 KB)
Read our new insights on conducting cross-border investigations, based on the experience of KPMG and industry experts around the world. 


Global profiles of the fraudster: White-collar crime - present and future (PDF 2.2 MB)  


Astrus insights - KPMG's analysis of third party integrity risks 


Risk: moving from a cost centre to a value creator 


Beyond the Law - Nov 2012 (PDF 2.3 MB)

KPMG's global study of how General Counsel are turning risk to advantage.