Our Commitments  

Our people

KPMG is committed to:

• Treating everyone with respect and dignity

• Respecting the privacy of its partners and employees

• Fostering an environment in which partner and employee work-life balance can be achieved

• Providing a workplace that is free from discrimination, harassment, misuse of substances, and unsafe conditions

Our organisation

KPMG is committed to:

• Upholding the firm's and individual responsibilities for professional development

• Exercising care in the use of assets and resources

• Observing rigorous standards of client and engagement acceptance

• Applying appropriate KPMG methodologies and procedures

• Remaining vigilant in the application of risk management and other applicable policies

• Reserving KPMG's brand and reputation by avoiding actions that would discredit the organization

Our clients and markets

KPMG is committed to:

• Acting lawfully and ethically, and encouraging this behaviour in the marketplace

• Delivering quality service to clients in line with qualifications, professional commitments, and engagement terms

• Maintaining independence and objectivity, and avoiding conflicts of interest or undue influence

• Preserving client and business confidentiality and privacy

• Promoting services honestly and competing fairly

Our communities

KPMG is committed to:

• Acting as a responsible corporate citizen, and following high standards of ethical conduct around the world

• Teaming with other businesses and with charitable organisations to create stronger communities

Our professional services