KPMG Top Woman Executive Club 

The KPMG Top Woman Executive Club was initiated by KPMG’s CEO, Khun Kaisri Nuengsigkapian. She made the decision to start the club when she came across some statistics about women’s leadership in Thailand. Thailand is the third highest ranking country when it comes to number of female top executives. Furthermore, women make up more than 50% of the Thai workforce.


These statistics inspired Khun Kaisri to form a club to support women executives in Thailand and serve as a forum to share experiences and learn from one another. This idea became the Top Woman Executive Club, which began with 30 members from Khun Kaisri’s professional network,

From the get go, each person was enthusiastic about exchanging success stories, and even accounts of past failures, in order to learn from each other. The exchange led to the realization that members share many similar experiences.

One early realization was that most significant challenge of management is “people”. Managing human resources is perhaps the most important aspect of being an executive, as it can make or break an organization. Through open dialogue, members of the club are able to consider their strong and weak points when it comes to managing people. The unanimous conclusion was that each person has areas where they can develop their management skills. This recognition is the first step toward developing into a better manager. It pertains not only to work life, but also to personal and family life.

Membership to the club remains at 20-30 women, in order to keep the atmosphere friendly and intimate, giving each person a chance to reveal their experiences. Members range from Managing Directors and Directors to Vice Presidents and CEOs. The variety of experiences and industries represented in the club mean that each member is exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking in different aspects of every day life such as overcoming challenges, business, health, family, extracurricular activities, and travel. Activities range from talks on beauty and health to discussions about using positive thinking in work and daily life.

Many members have expressed that before the club they did not have an avenue to discuss their career and life in detail with others who shared similar experiences. The club follows the old adage, ‘we have two ears and one mouth’, which means that everyone shares, but listening is key. This allows each person to analyze and consider new ideas in an environment where they can be themselves.

The club is small but represents many different experiences, meeting each month, in order to continuously build the knowledge of its members. The Top Woman Executive Club is one way that KPMG embraces the differences within each individual. By acknowledging the differences and working together to utilize each person’s strengths to our advantage, we can always expect results.


Club Objective

Socialized networking by the group of top ladies for gathering knowledge, experiences, vision sharing with monthly group activities to strengthen their connection.

Comment & Suggestion

To suggest to ladies to join “Top Woman Executive Club” activity, ask for more information, comment or suggestion, please kindly contact Ms. Suphapatch Rungsupphakij at number : +66 2 677 2787 or


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