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The ASEAN + 2 Practice Group acts as a priority gateway to assist firms doing business in ASEAN + 2 (China and India) countries with their investments in Thailand, and similarly, to help Thai firms expand into the ASEAN + 2 markets. We aim to help firms develop proactive regional strategies that will mitigate risks, improve overall business performance and create long-lasting value.


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KPMG Thailand’s knowledge and experience with outbound and inbound investments between ASEAN + 2 countries and Thailand, led by a specialized team of multi-lingual professionals, help firms anticipate, understand and manage the many commercial and country-specific challenges facing them

ASEAN+2 services

We place Thai senior professionals in KPMG regional offices to serve the evolving needs of our clients throughout ASEAN + 2. In addition by working with KPMG’s member firms in countries throughout the ASEAN + 2 region, we can quickly establish multi-disciplinary teams that provide a seamless service from one central point of contact in a cost effective location. It all adds up to a powerful offering that helps our clients plan and execute their strategy, understand and manage risk, and realize value in an increasingly dynamic, complex and competitive environment.

Global Thought Leadership
To transition to a more mature and sustained growth path and to stay competitive, Asean countries would need to deepen labour, capital and product market reforms.
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a region of great diversity. Despite the differences in culture, socio-economic status and political systems, as an economic bloc, ASEAN is to be reckoned with.
Strong systems and governance are critical, along with a culture that takes data security seriously.
Understanding the operation of the region’s various tax and regulatory systems will help businesses entering or expanding their operations in this region.


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