Audit Committee Institute in Thailand

Audit Committee Institute in Thailand

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Firms look to KPMG to provide independent and objective assurance on the reliability of financial information for statutory, management and external capital raising purposes. We act as sttutory auditors and independent accountants to a range of major corporations as well as to smaller growing businesses.

Audit services

Our audit services include:


  • Statutory audits and review of financial statements regulated by regulatory bodies
  • IFRS and US GAAP audits and reviews
  • Audits and reviews of consolidation reporting packages
  • Domestic and international public offering related services
  • Reviews of prospective financial information and budgets
  • Audits for other special reports
  • Internal control reviews and advice


Meeting the needs of business
Our audit service premise is simple: we listen to the needs of the organizations we work with and take a tailored approach to responding to those needs. We bring long-term added value through our real-world experience and technical know-how. Through our understanding of a client’s business and objectives, we offer practical services and forwardlooking advice to help manage the complexities of an ever-changing business environment. 


Our cross-functional teams specialize in the following line of businesses:



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KPMG in Thailand Transparency Report | March 2016

KPMG in Thailand Transparency Report | March 2016

This Transparency Report, we outline the approach KPMG in Thailand takes to governance and quality.



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