FactorPro – KPMG Factoring / Account Receivable Financing System 

FactorPro is an integrated system that adopts leading technology to support your factoring / account receivable financing business model and functions.

Engineered with your business needs in mind, FactorPro complements your factoring / account receivable financing business and allows you to sharpen your competitive edge.

FactorPro's rich functionalities support the interactions of the various entities involved in the factoring / account receivable financing business transactions.

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Supports diverse products
FactorPro supports the accounting, transaction processing and reporting for factoring, account receivable financing and invoice discounting business. It supports with or without recourse; confidential or disclosed; domestic, two-factor import and export business.

Features at a glance

  • Facilitates vital business functions
    • client accounting
    • customer accounting
    • inter-factor accounting
    • advances and exposures
    • debt collection monitoring
    • computation of charges
    • preparation of management reports
  • Supports multi-currency factoring arrangements
  • Provides Electronic Data Interchange / Extensible Markup Language (EDI/XML) message interfaces with FCI
  • Client 'Self-Service' Capability through optional module iAccess
  • Debt Management System (DMS) that provides the add-on component for debt collection and management process