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Balancing Rules and Flexibility Study
The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013
G4: the impact on reporting
The future of corporate reporting
Sustainability Reporting Systems
Corporate responsibility reporting at Russian companies
International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting

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Questions answered

Common questions answered (PDF 931 KB)

Addressing some of the most common questions on integrated reporting.

Business Case

The business case for integrated reporting (PDF 1.9 MB)

Good reporting should enable the capital markets to better understand a company's strategy, align their models with business performance, and make efficient and forward looking investment and other key decisions. We explain the potential benefits of Integrated Reporting.

Integrated report

What does an integrated report look like? (PDF 1.1 MB)

In this article we provide guidance and illustrations for each of the content elements in an integrated report.

Value creation story

Telling your value creation story (PDF 199 KB)

We explain how to use Integrated Reporting principles to provide a more complete picture of how the business is developing and protecting its long term value.

Introducing integrated report

Introducing integrated reporting (PDF 939 KB)

A brief introduction to the principles and reporting content elements behind integrated reporting.

Developing anuual report

Developing your annual report (PDF 915 KB)

Shareholders are increasingly looking to narrative reporting as a means to go beyond the 'business as usual' perspective of current corporate reporting. We highlight three ways to refocus your reporting.

New era

A new era for corporate reporting? (PDF 2.1 MB)

Corporate reporting needs to evolve if it is to provide a more complete picture of business value. We discuss how a more focused approach to narrative reporting could provide the solution.

Integrated reporting

Integrated reporting - Understanding the requirements (PDF 246 KB)

The trend in sustainability reporting has evolved from a corporate responsibility or ethical perspective to one of long term risk management and value creation.

Active governance

Active governance: The core of better business reporting (PDF 432 KB)

We explain why boards need to provide active governance, how Integrated Reporting helps, and the board’s vital role in driving the changes needed from the top down for Integrated Thinking to become embedded in the organization’s culture.

Better corporate responsibility reporting

Better corporate responsibility reporting (PDF 490 KB)

Many CSR reports are failing to connect with investors. A one-size fits all approach to reporting every CSR issue may be to blame. In this article we suggest how reporting needs to be adapted for four categories of issue in order to stay relevant to readers' decision-making.

Making your corporate responsibility report relevant

Making your corporate responsibility report relevant (PDF 1 MB)

Environmental, social, and governance issues are having an increasing impact on companies' ability to operate and generate a profit. Shareholders need to understand how these issues are being managed but reporting needs to evolve to support this.

Carrots and sticks

Carrots and sticks (PDF 1.41 MB)

An overview of mandatory and voluntary approaches to sustainability reporting and assurance around the world.

Applying principles

Applying integrated reporting principles in the public sector (PDF 497 KB)

We explain how integrated reporting can help to balance reporting of the often conflicting objectives set for public sector organizations.

Real-estate better business reporting

Real-estate: Are you providing a complete picture of business value? (PDF 438 KB)

By looking beyond net asset value, real estate businesses may be able to provide a more complete picture of value in the business. We provide four suggestions for better business reporting in the real estate sector.

Better business report

Better business reporting: A study into the barriers to improvements in annual reporting (PDF 886 KB)

A study into the practical barriers to improvement in annual reporting focusing on the experience of companies in the UK and Denmark.

Journey to better business reporting

Journey to better business reporting (PDF 559 KB)

An exploration of how Australian organizations are improving reporting on strategy, performance and prospects so they can meet the challenge of a capital constrained integrated report.

Automating business reporting

Automating business reporting (PDF 1.06 MB)

A paper by KPMG in Australia, exploring the idea of automating aspects of current reporting obligations and how some businesses and government agencies are already embracing the concept.

The South African story

Integrated reporting in practice: The South African story (PDF 464 KB)

Companies listed in South Africa now need to adopt Integrated Reporting on an ‘apply or explain’ basis. We discuss how the most successful reporters have overcome the challenge of producing an integrated report.



Igor Korotetskiy

Partner, Head of Corporate Governance and Sustainability Group