Customs Services 

KPMG’s experienced customs regulation specialists offer advice on how to take advantage of special, simplified customs clearance procedures. We also identify the advantages of customs procedures, conduct customs audits, provide consultation and support on customs issues, verify documentation and represent clients' interests during disputes with the customs and tax authorities.
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Mikhail Komarov

Head of Customs services

+7 495 937 44 77

How KPMG could help?

Identification of the advantages of customs procedures:

  • recommendations on how to make use of favorable customs procedures when importing certain types of goods (e.g., when importing equipment as a contribution to a company's chartered capital),
  • assistance with obtaining preliminary decisions on the Classification of goods and the country of origin,
  • consultations on if and how a company can be included in special customs registers (registers of authorized economic operators, registers of carriers, customs warehouse owners, temporary storage warehouse owners and customs representatives).

Performance of customs audits:

  • performance of an audit of import/export operations to confirm if it is necessary to control over compliance with customs and tax legislation,
  • regular checks to see if tariff classifications and customs values applied by a client to imported goods comply with customs legislation requirements,
  • validation of customs payment calculations, excise duty and VAT, and identification of possible inaccuracies and potential tax and customs risks.

Consultation and support on customs issues:

  • analysis of possible options for importing shipments to find an effective one that is in compliance with Customs Union legislation,
  • assessment of existing arrangements for import/export shipments and development of recommendations on creating the most effective possible foreign trade structure in terms of tax and customs,
  • clarification of amendments to existing customs legislation to evaluate their potential impact on our clients' businesses.
  • representation of clients' interests during disputes with customs authorities.