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Russia has a complex and constantly changing legal system. The practical application of Russian laws depends to a large extent on the attitudes and practices of Russian government bodies and agencies, as well as court practice. To avoid inadvertent or undesirable consequences on the general conduct of business or specific transactions as well as civil, administrative and criminal liabilities, businesses and investors are strongly advised to seek professional legal assistance.

How KPMG could help?

We advice clients on various issues of corporate, commercial, employment, immigration, currency and intellectual property law. Our practical experience and working relations with other business units help us to provide clients with complex and value added options to their legal matters.


Irina Narysheva

Irina Narysheva

Partner, Head of Legal Services

+7 495 937 44 77

Our services include:

  • General advice
  • Transaction support
  • Legal support for IPOs
  • Restructuring
  • Drafting and implementation of employee incentive plans
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate registration and restructuring
  • Establishment of joint ventures

Why choose KPMG?

Always keeping abreast of the changing legal environment, we ensure that advice provided to our clients in current and takes into account all known future changes. Our extensive worldwide network helps us meet our multinational clients’ needs and provide value-added solutions to their legal issues.

Our extensive integrated working relationship with KPMG’s Tax, Customs and Business Advisory units makes it convenient for our clients to have all its services provided by one Firm.

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Legal services disclaimer

Legal services may not be offered to SEC registrant audit clients or where otherwise prohibited by law.