Financial Statements Audit 

Independent financial statements audits enhance the reliability of the information provided by companies to investors, creditors and other stakeholders in accordance with statutory requirements. A KPMG Audit provides both independent assurance and insight that goes beyond the audit opinion.
Our risk-oriented audit approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of the business activities of our clients, of the resultant business risks, and their implications for the annual financial statements and the management report. This approach includes an assessment of the internal controlling system. We provide the management and supervisory body of the company with an extensive report on the findings of our audit.


Kirill Altuhov

Kirill Altuhov

Partner, Head of Audit, KPMG in Russia and the CIS

+7 495 937 44 77

How we can help?

KPMG provides high-quality independent audit services including audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with international financial reporting standards, Russian accounting principles and other countries accounting standards (US GAAP etc.). We can also address any specific regulatory requirements such as compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for SEC registrants.


  • We work with clients and relevant external parties to understand the changing business environment.
  • We seek to get the basics right and to add value beyond the financial statements through the business insights we bring to each engagement.
  • We adopt an audit approach that is based on a proven methodology and reinforced by commitment to professional integrity, independence and ethical behavior.
  • We identify industry trends, issues and insights that may influence the accuracy and completeness of financial statements.
  • We assure frequent communication and substantial partner involvement to support the early identification and discussion of emerging risks.
  • We conduct сcoordinated and consistent audit team management to minimize client involvement.
  • We provide detailed post audit feedback to discuss and address arising matters to ensure continuous improvement.
  • We offer high-level technical capabilities, a client focused culture and access to a global network of respected audit professionals. Our advice is clear, concise and relevant.

Our Award Winning Audit Approach

Our audit methodology is designed to focus the audit on the risks that might have material impact on the financial statements. It is designed to exceed national and international standards and all our professionals throughout our member firms around the world are guided by the same approach to methodology, processes and documentation. All audit staff undergo frequent and regular training to help ensure their knowledge is as current as possible.

Audit Committee Institute

Audit Committee Institute

KPMG has established an Audit Committee Institute to help board audit committees and their members keep up with governance, auditing, accounting and financial reporting issues.