Audit Based Services  

Companies operate in an increasingly complex and fast changing financial reporting environment. All businesses face accounting challenges as a result of developments in underlying accounting requirements and also from general business activity. Some accounting issues will be simple, others will be more complex.
Good professional advisers can strip away much of the uncertainty and confusion which can surround the application of accounting standards and reporting practices, and enable relevant commercial outcomes.


Kirill Altuhov

Kirill Altuhov

Partner, Head of Audit, KPMG in Russia and the CIS

+7 495 937 44 77

How we can help?

KPMG team of technical accounting specialists helps clients to understand complex accounting requirements. We are dedicated to helping clients reach the right accounting answer in the context of reporting objectives, commercial reality and regulatory requirements.

Our accounting advisory services cover:


  • Accounting in accordance with Russian accounting principles , IFRS and other national GAAPs.
  • Developing of accounting methodologies and processes.
  • Advising on the introduction and interpretation of new and existing accounting standards, both Russian and international.
  • Providing accounting support for due diligence and tax assignments.
  • Accounting training solutions – this could be one-to-one training for senior finance staff or large updates for finance teams.


KPMG is also helping companies adopt International Financial Reporting Standards, providing practical support to smooth the transition.

Our successes

Our successes
Every day around the world, KPMG people play a vital role in helping client organizations create value. Stakeholders – from clients, to governments and regulators, to the public – have very high expectations of our member firms.