Fraud and Financial Investigations  

KPMG Forensic’s fraud and financial investigations team provide a robust investigative approach to assist clients in establishing facts, finding out what’s gone wrong and making recoveries of stolen assets.

KPMG Forensic in Russia has substantial experience conducting fraud investigations that range from simple employee misconduct and diversion of company assets to large scale, multi-jurisdictional frauds. We investigate suspicions or concerns raised by foreign shareholders, local management, whistleblowers, supervisory boards and internal or external auditors.


Our team of forensic accountants, investigators and forensic technology professionals can preserve evidence, conduct interviews and report sensitive matters clearly and factually. We aim to ensure confidentiality, compliance with legal and ethical guidelines and assist you in managing reputational risk.


Ivan Tyagoun

Ivan Tyagoun

Partner, Head of Forensic

+7 495 937 44 77

If you have responsibility for fraud issues in your organisation these questions provide a useful guide to some topical issues for consideration:


  • Do you have an effective and tested fraud response plan in place?
  • Do you have the resources in place to investigate allegations independently and thoroughly?
  • Can you secure both electronic and paper based evidence within a short time frame?
  • Can you support disciplinary, civil or criminal actions that result from the investigation?


If you suspect that fraud or misconduct has taken place, or have concerns over existing anti-fraud controls, please contact us.