Forensic Technology 

Forensic technology services include digital evidence gathering, data analytics and discovery management. We can facilitate the collection of electronic information, establishment of chain-of-custody and handling of evidence. We also offer analysis at the data, document and issues level to support forensic investigation and litigation work with industry-specific insight and depth.
Forensic Technology

According to Gartner Group survey 80% of corporate information is stored in digital form. When performing an investigation, sources such as e-mail messages and database systems often contain relevant information.


In the event of financial irregularities, it is vital for an organization to have effective access to this type of information. Electronic traces can be converted into clear, relevant facts that can give an organization a reliable picture of what actually took place.


We have a global network of Forensic technology (F-tech) professionals including project managers, process specialists, software developers and database administrators to assist our clients to scope and review project workflows right through to project execution.


Nikolai Legkodimov

Nikolai Legkodimov

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We operate in the following areas:

Evidence and Discovery Management

Our Moscow F-Tech team works closely with our global network of KPMG Forensic professionals to provide forensically sound data capture and processing services to our clients during investigations.


The techniques we use, namely the de-duplication of data and the application of ‘key word’ searches to e-mails and files, enable us to provide ‘responsive’ outputs for review. We are able to host responsive documents from a secure web-based application. With this respect, we may assist you in the following manner:


  • Increase the speed of delivery of responsive documents;
  • Reduce the volume of data for review;
  • Reduce the cost of review;
  • Simplify the review process by using the case management functionality inherent in the web application;
  • Allow for collaborative work of reviewers;
  • Ability to process several cases at a time.

Data Analytics

The F-tech team uses ‘Data Analytics’ techniques to rapidly identify trends, patterns, relationships and anomalies within large complex datasets. Financial Databases are often very large and not perceived by clients to contain data that would be of value to them. Our experience, coupled with our understanding of your business, enables us to view your historic data in a manner that realizes that value.


Our analysts are familiar with most of the large relational database management systems. We also have had exposure to much older non-relational databases that may be still used by some of the businesses .


F-tech in Russia has leveraged its Global network to provide KTrace locally to our clients. We can provide this service to both audit and non-audit clients. This service is usually of interest to Internal Audit departments. KTrace extensively tests different modules of our client’s financial accounting application with a view to leveraging technology to combat fraud, waste and abuse. The methodology applied to test data mirrors the same techniques used globally by our forensic fraud investigators. This coupled with the experience of accountants and fraud investigators within the team ensures this service is a value-add to our engagements.


F-tech has developed a service, namely ‘Rapid Data Analysis Review’ (RADAR) which is bespoke to the Russian market. It focuses on identifying material ‘conflicts of interest’ that our client’s business may be exposed to. We leverage the experience of our Corporate Intelligence team along with existing subscription public source databases to identify suspicious relationships. These relationships are diverse and can be as diverse as relationships identified between a company’s vendor shareholder and an employee of the company to identifying vendors that understate turnover to the authorities.