Corporate Intelligence  

The Moscow-based Corporate Intelligence team, together with a presence in Kyiv, gathers actionable, business-critical information and intelligence to support our clients in a range of situations.
Corporate Intelligence

These include: learning more about clients' current and prospective business partners; entering new markets; solving corporate problems; aiding in investigations; and enhancing business opportunities. The overall objective is to identify and manage business risks which can result from many factors such as economic, commercial, political, criminal, or cultural.


Corporate Intelligence provides the following services:


  • integrity due diligence — providing information on the background, track record, reputation and integrity of prospective business partners;
  • investigations support — support for fraud, asset tracing and other problem-solving investigations;
  • litigation support — support for litigators and counsel in complex international arbitration and litigation.


We specialize in the identification, research, collation and analysis of information and intelligence from both public and confidential sources in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and the Caucasus. We work closely with our corporate intelligence and forensic colleagues throughout the KPMG network, especially in London, Prague and New York, but increasingly in Israel, Dubai, South Africa and Singapore too. Our professionals combine years of practical experience with robust quality assurance procedures.


Ivan Tyagoun

Ivan Tyagoun

Partner, Head of Forensic

+7 495 937 44 77

The team consists of multilingual corporate intelligence professionals from a wide range of backgrounds including finance, legal, investigative journalism, political risk analysis, government service and intelligence. Drawing upon the team’s local knowledge of these markets alongside our global Forensic network, we provide focused, in-depth insight into sensitive assignments in complex and opaque operating environments throughout the region.


We are constantly exploring new information sources and ways of working which enhance the quality and efficiency of our services. For example, to support investigations involving large amounts of data, we have recently developed a technology-based tool which can perform rapid data analysis and identify potential red flags which require further investigation. This tool has been used in a number of engagements with successful results.


Whether in support of a pre-acquisition due diligence process, a compliance-based review of vendors and other business partners, a market study of common business practices in a particular sector, or a fraud investigation, the Corporate Intelligence team provides independent and objective information to support our clients’ decision-making processes. It complements the financial, legal and tax due diligence provided by our colleagues and other advisors.