IT in merger and acquisition: pre-deal and post-deal services 

KPMG professionals provide services to optimize the IT organizational structure, to manage IT services, and to organize monitoring of information flows within integrated organizations.


Alexandra Ivanova

Alexandra Ivanova

Partner, Management Consulting

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Pre-deal services

In mergers and acquisitions over 40% of synergies are obtained through IT consolidation by combining and creating new systems, combining IT services and proper management of IT resources. KPMG professionals will help to achieve these synergies and avoid possible risks during IT consolidation.


KPMG professionals can:


  • Provide consulting to potential investors during due diligence of IT companies to identify potential problems and risks that could adversely affect the company's profits, its costs and the decision to buy.
  • Assess the reliability and scalability of applications, processes and IT infrastructure, as well as their compliance with current and future business objectives.
  • Assess the true cost of IT, identifying hidden costs and risk areas.
  • Assist in detailing the conditions of the transaction, based on an analysis of IT.


Post-deal services 

Integration of businesses may result in an inefficient IT organization with high IT service costs. KPMG professionals provide services on optimizing the IT organizational structure, managing IT services, and organizing monitoring of information flows in the newly-merged organization.


KPMG can help you to achieve key goals to successfully integrate IT organizations:


  • Business process integration
  • Real-time access to information
  • Flexible IT infrastructure


As a part of the project, we deal with typical problems in IT organizations formed through a merger of two companies, by:


  • Eliminating duplicate services, departments, and processes
  • Introducing unified mid-level leadership
  • Implementing mechanisms for effective control and operational personnel management