IT Enablement: SAP and Oracle solutions 

KPMG offers services in change implementation in information and automation systems. Our knowledge covers information systems and business process automation using products from leading Russian and international software providers, in compliance with IT implementation best practice.


Alexandra Ivanova

Alexandra Ivanova

Partner, Management Consulting

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Introducing KPMG’s IT project approach at your company brings the following advantages:


  • Business process automation solutions are selected that further the company’s long-term business strategy.
  • Change implementation is performed to strike the right balance between reducing implementation costs and getting the most value from changes.
  • One of the key IT project team goals is to preserve the full effect of planned business process changes.


KPMG focuses on providing the following services:


  • System design and implementation, including strategic planning, evaluation, blueprinting, control design, development, deployment and post-implementation services for Oracle and SAP systems.
  • Review and assessment of IT projects involving Oracle and SAP systems performed by other parties (in-house or contracted) at every stage of the project (strategy, blueprinting, control design and development, as well as project management and post-implementation audit).