KPMG supports communities around the globe, focussing in particular on the local aspects of wider social issues. In Russia, our projects are aimed at helping special needs children and children in social risk groups.


To bring about a more perceptible and sustainable change in Russian society, the government, business and the not-for-profit sector need to pool their efforts and resources, share their successes and challenges, and actively cooperate with each other in pushing forward new and challenging social projects.


KPMG supports local communities wherever we operate, and our CSR programmes in each country address local needs accordingly.


Our programmes focus on two groups: children with special needs, and children who, for various reasons, have been separated from their families or who are at high risk of not receiving proper care.

Children in Hospitals
Donor's Days at KPMG
Summer volunteer project near lake Valdai
People, not Things
Supporting effective NGO service providers
Phoenix: a professional support group for helpers
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"We care about the same social issues as everyone else, and we know for a fact that some of them can be dealt with, while the pain of others can be alleviated. It is possible to learn to live better and help others by making use of best practice. How are we achieving changes? Through common values of respect for different opinions, and with the help of some very special people: the professionals providing the social services we support."


Julia Bogdanova
Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility

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