• Service: IFRS
  • Industry: Consumer Markets
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 7/9/2013

IFRS for Retail Companies 

KPMG publishes a survey on key accounting issues in the retail sector.
IFRS for Retail Companies
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We hope that it will be a useful source of information both for retailers who have already adopted IFRS and to those who are simply trying to get an idea of what moving to IFRS would mean for them.


The report provides typical examples of accounting disclosures for the sector, accompanied in some cases by a detailed explanation of the specific features of the business environment in which the relevant accounting judgements were made. For companies already using IFRS, this will give an indication of how consistently the standards are applied in the sector. For those not yet doing so, it will show how their financial statement preparation might look in the future.

The survey looks at the IFRS financial statements of 27 retailers from 13 countries worldwide.