Dispute Advisory Services  

A challenging economic environment makes commercial relationships more conflict-prone, inflating the risks of disputes between business partners.
Dispute Advisory Services

Commercial disputes are highly demanding in terms of reputation, time, cost and tension.


We can support legal teams by analysing complex issues and providing robust, compelling arguments on the financial and accounting aspects of the dispute.

What’s needed?

  • In order to negotiate a settlement or initiate litigation, our clients need independent and impartial advice on the financial and accounting strengths and weaknesses of the legal case and a preliminary assessment of the sums of money at stake in the dispute;
  • Once litigation has started, our clients need a powerful, credible expert witness report or testimony on the financial and accounting aspects of the dispute.


Ivan Tyagoun

Ivan Tyagoun

Partner, Head of Forensic

+7 495 937 44 77

What we can do

  • Provide the initial quantification of losses and damages;
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s position by reviewing all available electronic and accounting evidence;
  • Our Forensic technology team can assist in identifying, collecting, managing and disclosing all relevant evidential material irrespective of format, location and size, quickly and cost-effectively;
  • Provide robust expert witness written opinion or give evidence to at tribunal hearings.


  • We have the largest Forensic practice in the CIS region and our team has extensive experience in this type of engagement. In addition to the usual accounting expertise, we are able to complement our offering with Corporate Intelligence and Forensic Technology specialists to analyse complex and sensitive information;
  • We can also draw on the significant experience afforded by our international network and commonly work with cross-border teams to work to resolve multi-jurisdictional disputes.