Family Owned Businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises 

Family owned and managed businesses (FOB) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) make a vital contribution to the national economy of Qatar. They also face their own unique challenges that require unique solutions. These challenges include the delicate balancing act of managing family expectations as well as the needs of the business. Typically, the introduction of a formal succession plan, a governance framework and professional management practices represent common challenges unique to FOB's and SMEs.


In addition, FOB's and SMEs are expected to tackle the day-to-day issues facing all businesses, particularly those that come to the surface during periods of financial and economic stress.


How Can KPMG Assist?


Regardless of what stage your business is within the maturity model or its strategic plans, each stage will present a set of challenges. Whether you are evolving into a public enterprise, implementing an IT system, developing a new HR function, managing an increasingly complex asset base or transitioning from one generation to the next, KPMG offers a wide range of services uniquely geared towards the needs of family business. We provide core Audit, Tax and Advisory services designed to help family business with critical issues. These include:


  •  Governance Structure & Improved Corporate Transparency Succession Planning
  • Going Public & Transitioning to IPO status
  • Human Resources Development
  •  Executive Search Services - addressing your executive recruitment needs
  • Internal Controls including Policies & Procedures
  • Strategic and Long Term Business Planning
  • Cost Optimization
  • Business Process, Technology and Performance Improvement
  • Help with Merger & Acquisitions


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how KPMG member firms can help you achieve your business objectives. To find out how we can work together, please contact us.