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KPMG's Research and Development (R&D) group can help you understand the complexity of the R&D tax credits regime and maximise the benefits to your business. 

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Gwenan Riley

Gwenan Riley

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R&D tax credits were recently introduced and are only available for the 2009 income year.  Our R&D group is a professional team who has been established to help clients gain maximum benefit from this one year opportunity.

Our team draws on experience from both sides of the Tasman for the benefit of our clients, bringing the right expertise and experience to each situation.

How we can help
KPMG can work alongside management offering advice and identifying all key R&D projects undertaken by your business that are eligible for the R&D tax credit. 
Once R&D projects are identified KPMG provides guidance on the documentation requirements needed to substantiate the claim and helps identify all costs (core and support) associated with the project.
R&D projects can include those involving the development of new or improved products, devices, materials, processes or services.
Why choose KPMG?
KPMG offers high-level technical capabilities, a client-focused culture, and access to a global network of respected tax and technical qualified professionals dedicated to the R&D tax credits regime.

Client driven
Workable tax strategies and practices based on extensive research and analysis.

The right people
We make a serious investment in the recruitment and development of our professionals, equipping them with strong commercial and technical skills to assist clients with all tax-related business problems.
A balanced perspective
Providing alternative approaches on complex issues, based on our skills and experience, allowing companies to make informed decisions.

Our R&D group can help your business identify related activities involving the development of new or improved products, devices, materials, processes or services.
Liaising with Inland Revenue
Our R&D group can provide you with the necessary documentation to support your claim and liaise directly with Inland revenue on your behalf as it arises. This will take away the headaches and free up your time to concentrate on business matters.
Industry experience
Tax advice informed by a detailed understanding of industry-specific issues and a focus on the R&D tax credit regime.



Taxmail - Refund of R&D tax losses

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The refund aims to help with early stage cash-flow (it will claw back the tax benefit when the company makes a return on their R&D investment).

New Zealand R&D incentives

New Zealand R&D incentives

This pamphlet lists the current sources of financial assistance for R&D.