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Improving Health and Safety Governance and Performance 

KPMG Health and Safety

Health and safety is an important part of any organisation’s risk management and critical to business success.

Every worker has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. For many businesses this is already fundamental to their values and a core part of their business. However, it is also becoming a legal necessity, with new legislation due towards the end of 2015.


The New Zealand Government has acknowledged that existing approaches to health and safety (“H&S”) management are not always effective. Accordingly, substantial legislative changes are underway, aimed at improving New Zealand’s health and safety performance.


Against the backdrop of emerging regulation, a more effective and powerful regulator (WorkSafe) and and highly publicised events, your H&S leadership and supporting management systems are coming under ever increasing scrutiny. In addition to the changing legislation, you can expect customers, markets, investors and wider stakeholders to become more sophisticated and demanding in respect of health and safety compliance and performance.


The key to long-term and sustained health and safety success is quality leadership and the effective use and maintenance of rigorous processes, systems and tools that focus on improving health and safety performance. As a senior leader in your company, this equates to the need for clarity around your processes, to clearly demonstrate due diligence, and to ensure you are doing all that is 'reasonably practicable' to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.



How we can help

KPMG’s dedicated team of professionals can help you to:

  • better understand and manage health and safety exposures – which are increasingly sitting at the top of strategic risk profiles
  • comply with legislative requirements
  • enhance your governance regarding health and safety risk management
  • identify improvements by benchmarking your current health and safety performance against better practice
  • reduce costs and increase productivity
  • protect your corporate identity reputation, and gain a deeper understanding of your business culture
  • understand how your health and safety performance compares against industry peers
  • focus your reporting on material issues to drive improved health and safety performance
  • create a safer, healthier and therefore more productive and efficient workforce.


We provide practical, reasoned and fit-for-purpose recommendations and reporting for boards and executive management.



Our Health and Safety Services include:

  • governance structures, reporting frameworks and director reviews:
    • gap analysis against new director requirements
    • development and/or review of board and committee reporting frameworks
    • assistance in the annual health and safety reviews for directors (including peer review)
  • board safety leadership training – director responsibilities, obligations and ‘better practice’ governance requirements
  • performance assurance and auditing programs – development, delivery and evaluation of internal and external H&S assurance programs
  • H&S management system reviews – assessing system effectiveness and whether it is fit-for-purpose
  • due diligence – pre and post transaction health and safety assessments, vendor and buy-side, with a focus on director assurance
  • Safety culture assessments
  • Health and safety compliance assessments to assist directors and senior leaders in understanding their operations and health and safety risks.


For a full list of our services, download the Health and Safety flyer [PDF: 1.8MB]


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