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Automatic Exchange of Information and FATCA 

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KPMG can help you understand the requirements of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and upcoming Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) proposals and their impact on your organisation.


FATCA was enacted by the US Congress to prevent offshore tax abuses by U.S. persons.  The rules are wide-ranging and requires NZ financial institutions, investment entities and insurance companies to report details on their US clients and owners.


AEOI will bring NZ within a globally coordinated approach to disclosure of financial income eared by individuals and organisations. The initiative, sponsored by the OECD and supported by New Zealand, proposes a Common Reporting Standard (CRS) for reporting and exchanging of financial account information.

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Cutting through the complexity of FATCA and AEOI

FATCA rules and notices can seem complicated and daunting for most financial institutions. KPMG can work with you to cut through the complexity by using a simple assessment, evaluation and implementation methodology. 


We can provide a tailored program which meets the immediate and long term needs of your organisation.  Our FATCA program will provide an impact assessment and high level design as well as individual work streams for each of the areas covered in the regulation. This includes governance, communications and training support.  The program is scalable to the challenges and solutions you require. 


Our practical approach will give you a head start on getting up to speed with FATCA quickly and will help you understand the high impact and complex areas quickly, identify what operational processes are impacted and develop a compliance strategy and plan.


NZ will adopt AEOI from 2018/19.


KPMG can help clients to plan for the upcoming AEOI requirements to minimise the disruption to your business.


Clients can expect to see:


  • A major increase in reporting standards
  • A requirement to collect complex and varied information.
  • A big impact on systems and culture
  • Differences in compliance requirements between FATCA and CRS


Why choose KPMG


  • An experienced local team backed by KPMG’s global network of FATCA and AEOI experts.
  • An established FATCA methodology to reduce time and costs with local implementation.
  • Useful tools to accelerate your FATCA and AEOI program.

FATCA and AEOI timeline

Expected FATCA timelines for New Zealand - under an Inter-Governmental Agreement.

A successful FATCA project

Follow these steps to successfully progress your FATCA project.

FATCA - Implications and insights for banking

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FATCA’s complex information reporting and withholding obligations will significantly impact multiple functions within NZ banks.

FATCA - The compliance challenge for managed funds

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Meeting FATCA's obligations may have significant implications for funds and investment management firms.