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People and Change 

In today’s constantly changing environment, organisations are continuously looking for ways to align their processes, systems and people to deliver more effective results.

KPMG's People and Change professionals have extensive experience in change management programs, organisational design and development, and human resource advisory services.  We can help you attain your organisational change objectives by grasping the vital people issues from the start.


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    Business transformation, acquisition integration and change projects often fail to deliver all of their promised benefits. A common reason for this failure is that the organisation’s people have been left behind in the change process.

    Behavioural change management

    If change is to be truly effective and sustainable, the people involved with and affected by the process must become engaged with, committed to, and competent in, the new ways of doing business.


    Understanding the people dimensions of change is the essential precursor for identifying natural leaders and change sponsors, managing stakeholder engagement and developing effective communication and training programs.


    Wherever people are involved and impacted by change, no matter how large or small, a well planned and executed approach can be a significant difference to engagement, uptake and acceptance.

    Organisation design

    Our approach to organisational design starts with aligning the strategy and understanding core outcomes.  Whether designing an entire organisation, management team or functional area, the same approach is applied to develop a clear understanding of purpose, capability and outcomes. 


    Transformational projects often change organisation structures.  Essential elements of organisation design include: designing the new organisation structure, managing the resulting change, and developing appropriate performance measures and rewards. 


    Changes to an organisation that may trigger a review of organisation design and structure include:


    • business transformation or systems implementation projects
    • significant growth or shrinkage in workforce
    • merger or acquisition.

    Human Resource Advisory

    We can offer a range of Human Resource Advisory services, from designing the HR function for your organisation, policy development, supporting the existing HR function or working on specific projects.
    KPMG can help put your people into the change process, assess and design the organisation and build the required HR capability and strategy

    KPMG can help transform your business

    We can help your organisation by:


    • aligning top change teams around the strategy and required performance
    • creating a vision and a case for change
    • understanding how the various levers of change are supposed to work and interact
    • crafting appropriate communication strategies and plans
    • designing the change project and its management
    • improving organisational design and capability development encouraging cultural change
    • introducing effective performance management measures
    • developing effective delivery models
    • designing an HR strategy for attracting, recruiting, retaining and managing employees.