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KPMG’s Corporate & Investment Banking teams are led by Partners with a wealth of client experience and relationships with many of the major market players, regulators and leading industry bodies. We listen to our clients and focus on the issues that really matter.

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Godfrey Boyce

Godfrey Boyce

Lead Partner - Risk Consulting, Government & Financial Risk Management

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Global investment banking businesses need to think and act across borders. We coordinate our services to assist in addressing these challenges.
The recent market turmoil has impacted on investment banking in terms of both finance and reputation. This has put a renewed focus on risk management, cost control initiatives and the evolving discussions around the regulatory regimes. 

How KPMG can help

  • Growth — a fundamental to operating globally. While there have been few recent mergers and acquisitions, one of the main competitive threats in the industry comes from sectors such as hedge funds.


  • Performance — the focus in the investment banking industry has until recently always been on top-line growth, rather than cost control and efficiency. The focus on people and cost management show that these institutions must learn to manage through the good times and more pertinently the bad.


  • Governance — good quality governance, internal controls and reporting are critical in an industry that thrives on risk. Although there continues to be examples of catastrophic breakdowns in controls, leading to major trading losses, these reiterate the need to manage risk.
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