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  • Date: 5/08/2013

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Project Advisory

We can help you increase the probability of project success and enhance your project and programme performance.

Stakeholder management and communication 


Project management leadership series - Issue 3


Stakeholder management and communication is critical to the successful completion of capital projects.


Connecting with the right people and satisfying stakeholder demands throughout the planning and execution phases can significantly affect the perception of a projects utility. This is true for the direct users and employees of the project, for the community in which the project is located, and for the project owner.
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Stakeholder management and communication can be complex and time consuming.

Depending on the specific issues impacting your project, the successful management of stakeholder interest ensures that stakeholders:

  • have a voice
    participate in the management process
  • contribute to the overall success
    of the project.


We provide guidance on how to communicate effectively through tailored project reports. An outline for developing a monthly status report for formal record reporting is also presented.

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