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  • Date: 1/07/2013

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Project Advisory

We can help you increase the probability of project success and enhance your project and programme performance.

From concept to project – critical considerations for project development 

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Project management leadership series - Issue 2

For many organisations, capital projects by definition are not part of routine day-to-day operations. Assumptions and decisions during the early stages are the critical link leading to the maturation of a concept to a project.


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Careful development, consideration and evaluation of baseline parameters establish the framework for the creation of a project.


We emphasise the critical considerations required during the earliest phases of the project development cycle.

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Project management leadership series

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If not properly managed, large-scale projects often result in significant business and financial risks.

Project management survey 2013

KPMG - Project Management Survey 2013
New Zealand organisations are still failing to extract real business value from their investment in projects.