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  • Date: 8/05/2014

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Stakeholder communication and project control integration 

This second instalment of a three-part series, explore nine best practices for communicating with stakeholders and integrating project controls.

Stakeholder communication and project controls
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There is more involved in successfully managing a major project than simply drawing on industry experience, being familiar with project management principles, and applying technology.


A successful major project is the result, in part, of effective stakeholder communication and project controls integration. Part 2 of this series details these two objectives and encompasses:


  1. Developing a stakeholder communication plan
  2. Utilising integrated project management systems and controls
  3. Creating a work breakdown structure
  4. Preparing a baseline schedule
  5. Developing the cost estimate and set a baseline budget
  6. Managing scope changes
  7. Managing project risks
  8. Reporting earned value
  9. Taking control of your project (stick to the plan)



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