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  • Date: 3/02/2012

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Taxmail - Tax briefing to new Government released 

Issue 1, February 2012


The Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Revenue – 2011 (BIM) outlines Inland Revenue’s view of the key issues and challenges for the tax system in the short-to-medium term, and how they may impact on the new Government’s fiscal and economic priorities.  It also outlines the key pressure areas for Inland Revenue in administering the tax system.

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While the overall tax system gets a big tick, a warning is sounded over the challenges facing Inland Revenue as administrator, given its increasing functions. 


On the tax policy front, while Inland Revenue supports the present “Broad Based Low Rate” taxation framework, the BIM acknowledges that alternative tax models are available.  These generally have lower tax rates on capital income. 


The New Zealand Treasury, in its briefing, has highlighted the appropriate taxation of savings and capital remains an important economic issue.



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