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  • Date: 21/11/2013

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Integration Imperative - Reshaping human and social services delivery 

The Integration Imperative report presents the results of a global survey reviewing active integration schemes across 22 jurisdictions around the world including New Zealand.
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The appeal of services integration has never been greater. Facing a delivery environment in human and social services that is growing ever more complex, public sector leaders around the world are embracing integrated delivery models to achieve both better outcomes for citizens and operating efficiencies.

While the report focuses upon human and social services we see much broader applicability, certainly including the justice delivery system.

However, integration is no easy task. It takes time to implement, and its forms are continually evolving in response to emergent technologies, funding mechanisms, and governance models.

For policy makers and practitioners, there is considerable value in understanding the current nature and future trajectory of the wider integration agenda. Governments need to learn from each other. By sharing leading practices and key insights, this report serves to facilitate and strengthen this dialogue.

The Integration Imperative presents the results of a global survey undertaken to review active integration schemes across 22 jurisdictions.

We spoke directly to the government leaders spearheading these initiatives as well as a number of thought leaders. Drawing upon their valuable experience, this report examines the characteristics of current integration initiatives: the main drivers, types of integration, key enablers, and conditions necessary for reforms to succeed.

It also identifies where the integration agenda is heading: the key trends in the trajectory of integrated services provision (client pathways, focus on outcomes, inter-governmental integration, inter-sectoral integration, and place-based integration), the lessons offered by early movers, and the implications of these trends for governments, clients, and providers from the private and not-for-profit sectors.

In New Zealand, of late there has been a major focus on public sector change and the delivery of sustained outcomes. Looking forward, and building upon these developments, we strongly believe a major challenge and opportunity for New Zealand that is consistent with global trends, is the development of integrated delivery models to achieve better outcomes for citizens and operating efficiencies. Integrating services is neither easy nor a new challenge. However, while progress is being made, clearly there is much more to accomplish.
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