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  • Service: Advisory, Forensic, Fraud and Financial Misconduct
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 20/01/2014

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Fraud Risk Management - Developing Prevention, Detection and Response Strategy 

Corporate fraud remains a constant threat to public trust and confidence in the capital markets. Organisations need a strategy to manage the risks.
Prevention, detection and response to fraud
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As organizations do their best to formulate a comprehensive, proactive strategy to prevent, detect, and respond to integrity threats, they can be well served in focusing their efforts on the following:


  • Identifying and understanding the fraud and misconduct risks that can undermine increasingly complex, global business objectives
  • Evaluating the design and operational effectiveness of corporate compliance programs and related antifraud programs and controls
  • Gaining insight on better ways to design and evaluate controls to prevent, detect, and respond to fraud and misconduct
  • Reducing exposure to corporate liability, sanctions, and litigation that may arise from violations of law or stakeholder expectations
  • Deriving value from compliance investments by creating a sustainable process for managing risk and improving performance
  • Achieving high levels of business integrity through sound corporate governance, internal control, and transparency.


This white paper provides an overview of fraud and misconduct risk management fundamentals. It also provides a road map that organizations can use to move beyond a check-the-box approach to managing the risks of fraud and misconduct, and instead, design, implement, and evaluate proactive practices that leading organizations have found to be effective.


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