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  • Service: Advisory, Climate Change and Sustainability Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 15/07/2010


Gabrielle Wyborn

Associate Director - Climate Change and Sustainability Services 

+64 9 363 3687

ETS changes: KPMG can help 

KPMG New Zealand has experience with local and international carbon issues and how they are likely to affect your business. 


If you need immediate assistance or have any enquiries...

We are happy to assist you over the phone or via email with any questions, large or small, you may have on either New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme (‘ETS’) or carbon trading in general.


Alternatively we can organise a meeting for a more in-depth discussion of your current position/issues.


As of 1 July, 2010 further sectors, in addition to forestry, will be obligated under the ETS with respect to greenhouse gas emissions.

Those sectors directly referenced by the legislation are:

  • liquid fossil fuels
  • stationary energy
  • industrial processes.


Different sectors have different rules to account for their emissions and these relate to the nature of their activity.


Due to the increased fuel and energy supply costs, all other sectors will be affected by the 1 July changes. Organisations can also expect changes in expectations from regulatory bodies, suppliers and consumers relating to both recording and reporting their carbon contribution.


These issues have an important direct financial impact


  • Financial reporting: financial and stakeholder reporting expectations and requirements.
  • Financial and reputational risk: managing these aspects including stakeholder expectations and carbon cost hedging.
  • Forecasting, budgeting and tax implications.
  • Accounting for your carbon: requirements to record and monitor your contribution or your use of carbon intensive products.
  • Supply chain: demands and other variations in your operating conditions.
  • Strategy for growth: given your specific position and operations, businesses need to plan, adjust and execute changes effectively (including future changes arising from the agriculture and waste sectors).
  • Internal audit processes and compliance.


If you require assistance or have any questions... 

Please contact your KPMG advisor or our Sustainability Advisory Services team directly:


Gabrielle Wyborn, for information on:


  • NZ ETS: Your obligations (legislation)
  • NZ ETS: Tax implications.
  • NZ ETS: Your obligations (legislation)
  • NZ ETS: Accounting for your carbon (recording and monitoring for compliance and reporting)
  • NZ ETS: Internal audit compliance
  • NZ ETS: Staff education
  • NZ Trade Exposed Carbon Intensive Scheme.


+64 9 363 3687



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