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If you are a medium sized privately owned business then you can get specialist advice from KPMG's dedicated team of Private Enterprise professionals.
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Comprehensive and trusted Private Enterprise services for medium sized, privately owned businesses


Business success means different things to different people. If you are a privately owned business, and success to you means reaching or exceeding your commercial objectives, then our New Zealand based Private Enterprise team can help you do it… while saving valuable time and resources.


Our goal is to help you make better decisions that result in purposeful growth and increasing value for shareholders. How do we achieve this? By providing you with effective, commercial advice and financial know-how that will allow you to make better decisions, faster.


You can think of it like giving your business precisely what it needs, at just the right time…all the while being supported by the depth of experience and capability of KPMG.


Whatever your industry, size or complexity, we at KPMG can guide you smoothly through all the critical steps. These may include advice about ownership structures, raising finance, preparation of timely financial information, effective reporting or compliance with tax laws.

A total solution approach


We’ve spent many years in New Zealand working successfully with private, locally owned businesses. And, while our advice can be specific, we also offer a rigorous, wide ranging approach to solve commercial and financial challenges. This can include identifying unrealised issues and accomplishment of commercial objectives with less risk and more certainty.


Our range of commercial solutions and areas of specialty are both broad and deep. This includes business management assistance such as tax and accounting advice, how to evaluate and benchmark success, strategies for business expansion, how to grow and protect shareholder value as well as planning for succession.


How can we assist you? If you would like to explore how KPMG’s Private Enterprise team can help you with your challenges or goals, then go ahead and request a confidential, no obligation interview.


Private Enterprise business School


Ever wished you had a CFO, CIO, in house council or HR Manager on your payroll to tackle those issues you just can’t get time to focus on?  Your business is successful, capable of more, and you just don’t get time to address pressing issues that you know need attention. We regularly hear the same concerns from privately owned and operated businesses. They have a number of issues that they need to address but don’t have the time or the internal expertise to deal with these concerns. These businesses often want some help identifying what issues really need their attention and a way of effectively and efficiency dealing with them.


KPMG’s Private Enterprise Business School is designed to provide you with access to expertise from a panel of advisors with experience in dealing with privately owned businesses. Our challenge to the presenters is to facilitate sessions that will allow you to implement something of value in your business in the following six to twelve months. These sessions will provide immediately useful insight to help you address key issues that don’t get your daily attention, because you are busy working on the daily business stuff.



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Year-end checklist 2012-13

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With the end of another financial year fast approaching, there are a number of key issues to consider.

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