Risk Consulting 

Anticipating risks appropriately, turning legislation and regulation and risks into opportunities


KPMG’s services in the field of Risk Consulting are broad-ranging. But our approach is always the same: to anchor the risk and compliance function in the business processes. This helps you responding suitably to today’s and tomorrow’s risks. Understanding the risks also offers opportunities for the future.

Current items, carefully considered answers 


Covering IT risks

An organisation that does not regularly invest in the latest business software is almost unthinkable. But those who fail to think about their investments are running an unnecessary risk. Well-considered IT authorisation and IT safety policies keep the unwelcome guests outside the gates.
KPMG helps manage IT safety risks.


(Re)gaining and keeping confidence

Since the credit crisis, you have been able to hear the same thing in numerous boardrooms: how can we regain the confidence of the client, the supervisory bodies and the general public? This is not simply about forensic investigation in the event of fraud. The key to it all is prevention: in integrity management, both internally and with external partners.
KPMG helps combat and prevent fraud.


Meeting the latest risk and compliance requirements

SOX, IFRS, Basel II, Solvency II – the rules for banks and insurance companies are becoming increasingly strict. How can they meet the new capital requirements? How do they draw up reports that meet the latest accounting standards?
KPMG helps compliance with changing legislation and regulation.


On the road to sustainability

Enterprises that do not respond to sustainability sufficiently well could miss opportunities, run the risk of damage to their reputation, or even be left by the wayside. The ecological footprint is becoming increasingly more weighty in proposals and tenders.
KPMG helps set up sustainable business processes.



More information?

More information?

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 Peter Paul Brouwers

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