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Reducing costs, encouraging performance


Companies that wish to grow and authorities that have to economize face the same challenge: how can they be run as efficiently as possible?
KPMG in the Netherlands helps improve performance while reducing costs, using a combined approach for finance, IT, HR, operations and procurement.

Current issues, carefully considered answers


The financial function as a strategic partner

Are revenues falling? Not enough liquidity? Are stakeholders demanding clear explanations? An effective financial function is the only way to provide an answer. But how do you set one up? How can you ensure that you as the CFO can grow to become a strategic partner for the entire business?


Improving operations and carrying out large-scale transformations

Cost savings, quality improvements and increased efficiency are hot items for many companies. But how can you ensure a good costs infrastructure, including an effective procurement organization? How do you organize your processes, systems and people so that they make the best contribution to the business objectives? How can you create value through acquisitions? And how do you ensure there is the capacity to carry out transformations?


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Getting returns on IT investments

Innovations in the IT arena can be quite costly in terms of both time and money. But what are the benefits? If the underlying vision has been thought through properly, there are many. A clear focus on the organizational objectives plus an eye for the latest technological possibilities can help organizations make their IT investments more viable, which will improve their operational performance.


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More information?

More information?

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