KPMG has adapted its organisation to the differing demands of the market. Services and professionals are organised by market segment so as to meet client demand in an fitting way. Five 'lines of business' combine professionals from the different KPMG divisions who together focus on a specific market or sector:

Consumer Markets (CM)
Sales are levelling off and margins are under pressure in the Retail, Food & Drinks and Consumer Products market. E-commerce has developed differently than envisaged during the initial period of hype. The creation of synergies after a series of far-reaching mergers and acquisitions is an important management goal. Our Consumer Markets professionals support clients in, among other things, cost optimisation, efficient process management, risk management and, albeit at a different pace, e-commerce.

Financial Services (FS)
This segment combines services to banks, insurance companies, pension funds, securities institutions, investment funds, social security institutions, real estate organisations and lease companies. Issues that relate to this market segment include new partnerships and other forms of cooperation, a reduced financial products life cycle and the increasing forms of distribution. Stricter international regulations are an additional dimension to be taken into account. Our Financial Services professionals continually invest in the expansion of their knowledge and in product innovation in order to support their financial sector clients.

Industrial Markets (IM)
The business-to-business market has its own dynamics in which internet developments are playing an increasingly important role. This applies, for instance, to the chemicals & pharmaceuticals sector, while sectors such as energy & natural resources on the one hand, and automotive & diversified industrials on the other, are becoming more and more focused on e-business. Organisations are, therefore, critically reviewing their business processes, but cannot permit themselves to lose share value in the meantime. As such, they need clear advice from independent professionals with a multidisciplinary and multinational outlook.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)
The telecommunication, software & services, media and entertainment sectors form the focal points for TMT. In recent years, this segment has experienced a certain level of upheaval. Although still in a state of flux, the speed of the changes appears to have slowed somewhat. Broadband developments, shifts between publishers and broadcasters and fickle consumer behaviour may be deciding factors for businesses in this segment in the near future. Our TMT professionals know this world inside out, and offer multidisciplinary added value to TMT companies that are concerned with the present and the future.