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How the FTT is missing the mark: safest UCITS funds to be hit the hardest


The 11 EU member states backing the ‘Tobin’ tax promote it as means to limit the excesses of the financial services industry and fight back against ever-riskier financial products, namely hedge funds.

Luxembourg Tax Views


KPMG Luxembourg's Olivier Schneider addresses the most important aspects of the financial transaction tax as well as its impact on Luxembourg financial institutions.

Taxing the Wealthy Is Not So Easy


The French have been making the rich pay since 1789. But when a 75 percent tax rate on incomes exceeding €1 million was deemed unconstitutional before it could take effect, it seemed that there was a limit to what could be severed from a wealthy citizen.

FTT warning


Regulation: The planned European financial transactions tax will have a huge and unavoidable impact on Luxembourg’s fund sector, Alfi conference attendees have heard.

The hidden side of the Financial Transaction Tax


Georges Bock: "The FTT is, as a consequence, yet another way for citizens to contribute money, through taxes, to deal with the consequences of the financial crisis."

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