Financial Services 

KPMG’s Financial Tax Services combine global understanding and deal experience with local knowledge of tax jurisdictions. We can assist clients to realize planning opportunities, meet their compliance responsibilities and communicate this to the markets and regulators.
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Why select us?

Our professionals seek to exemplify the principle 'think globally, act locally'. We help support financial institutions around the world, irrespective of whether they are long-established global players or testing cross-border opportunities for the first time.

To meet our clients’ global requirements, our Financial Services tax professionals recognize that the globalization of business and capital flows will lead to greater transparencies and cooperation among tax authorities, and a greater need for tax planning and strategy.


Today's banking environment is challenging. Industry players are increasingly finding themselves compelled to invest time and money in understanding new regulations, re-assessing strategy and maintaining increasing their competitiveness.

Investment Management

The investment management industry comprises a vibrant market place where participants look across the globe for sources of wealth and attractive opportunities in traditional and alternative investments..


KPMG’s Financial Services practice works with the general insurance, health, life, reinsurance and broking arms of the industry, helping them make better business decisions. 


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