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The financial statement audit can provide invaluable business insight of course. But increasingly, business leaders need and can benefit from assurance that goes beyond the traditional external audit.

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Most organizations experience additional needs for independent and objective assurance on financial and non financial information, transactions and processes. Independent and objective assurance adds credibility to an organization’s disclosure or reporting of information, particularly when such disclosure or reporting is not required by any law or regulation.

As auditors we can apply the same skills, rigour and robust challenge to many areas of your business that can be quantified and measured. If we already conduct your financial statement audit, the insights and deep understanding we have about your business can be put instantly to work, quickly and efficiently. You will have already experienced our collaborative approach and ability to operate seamlessly with your business. Our blend of technical and sector experience means that even if we have not worked with you before, we can get to work quickly and add value.

The assurance needs of our clients are sometimes unique. Almost always they can benefit from our ability to draw upon the right mix of skills from our tax and advisory professionals.

Some examples include:


  • If you report your sustainability performance in your annual report, or as a separate CSR report, do you need an independent opinion for your key stakeholders?
    KPMG can provide assurance on non-financial sustainability information for both private and public domain purposes. Please find further information here.
  • Are your comfortable that your internal controls are responding adequately to increased scrutiny and regulation?
    KPMG can provide assurance on the operating effectiveness of controls and compliance with legal and regulatory matters.
  •  Are you comfortable that the service organization you are using meets your requirements in terms of security, confidentiality and/or privacy?
    KPMG can provide IT attestation services. Please find further information here.

Contact us if you are seeking greater assurance.

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