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In a time of economic uncertainties, client retention and acquisition is more than ever growing importance. Companies are facing challenges to sustain long-term, profitable client relationships.


Within this context, new customer relationship models take hold: finding ways to add and create value to client relationships while simultaneously optimizing related administrative costs is at the heart of most companies' concerns, in order for them to build longstanding relationships that can withstand even the most demanding and difficult market conditions.

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Issues and insights

How we can help


Our professionals work collaboratively with clients, advising them on:


  • Improving service to the customer
  • Reducing the administrative burden related to the sales process
  • Optimizing the communication with their audience


Our Client & Growth teams can assist our clients with:


CRM system selection and implementation

Energy and commitment is not always placed on managing the customers’ concerns due to a lack of support given to the sales and business teams (lack of information about the clients’ preferences and past & existing relationships inside the company). Customer Relationship Management systems can offer huge potential for companies to support their sales and business development strategy. Our professionals can advise on how best to succeed in all the various stages of a CRM project.


Digital media strategy definition and implementation

Over the last few years, a revolution in digital communication has deeply changed the way companies can interact with their audience. The KPMG Luxembourg Client & Growth team can assist in the digitalization of companies’ marketing and communication activities:


  • Raising company decision-maker awareness
  • Assessing potentials given company audience and communication model
  • Defining a digital marketing and communication strategy
  • Setting-up a governance organization
  • Setting-up digital channels and advice on their use
  • Planning and implementing an engagement framework based for example on the implementation of solutions like social CRM
  • Measuring the impact of digital marketing and communication activities
  • Monitoring company brand and e-reputation


Market entry strategies

Our objective is to revitalize our client's organic growth competency by employing deep market insight, driving customer engagement, and deploying best-in-class sales/marketing execution capabilities in foreign jurisdictions which are in line with local regulatory requirements. We can help industrial, commercial as well as financial services organizations with the following topics:


  • Benchmarking of countries worldwide concerning their attractiveness to set-up a structure (subsidiary, branch, representative office) based on political, economic, social, technological, demographic, environmental, legal, regulatory and tax aspects;
  • Assessment of market-entry and distribution strategies from an economic as well as from a regulatory perspective;
  • Analysis of regulatory requirements to be respected when providing services on a cross-border basis to clients residing inside as well as outside the EU (for Private Banks, please also refer to

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